Welcome to Blink of an Eye Photos

    Moments are gone in a blink of an eye; images that we can never get back or share with friends and family. Let me help you capture that special moment or place.

    I am an experienced sports photographer starting my second season on the Roswell Invaders sidelines and with Chaves County Sports Report. I recently had a picture on the cover of CVE’s Enchantment Magazine. There is no charge for my service, travel, no minimum number of pictures to buy, or set packages. You only buy or download the pictures you want. I am available most weekends and evenings during the summer when the Invaders are not home. The best part is while I shoot the action you can set back and enjoy watching the game.
    I can also put together special photographs in Photoshop.
    I prefer daytime outdoor events but I am willing to try shooting anything. Please contact me at

    For more of my artwork please visit

    Thank you for taking time to view my work.